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How Can I Help?

As the children grow, their schooling costs increase. We are always in need of school sponsors, as well as sponsors in general.  Please consider sponsoring a child!

A current need is new mattresses for most of the children. If anybody would like to assist in this project we would be most grateful. We could use approximately 20 good mattresses (thick sponges) which would last a while as the children are growing in size and weight, so the thin ones aren’t sufficient anymore. One mattress would be approximately $100.00.

We also need to buy 100 new laying hens for eggs. This would cost $500.00.

Two houses are also in desperate need for new living room (lounge) suites. If anyone has any good used ones, we would be ever so thankful! (if you live locally 🙂 ) Otherwise if someone would like to donate towards that, we would be thankful.

Last current needs I will list is a microwave and a freezer for one of the houses.  This would be about $70.00 for the microwave and $300.00 for a freezer.






By sponsoring a child, whether for their schooling, their food, or their medical treatment you will be directly improving the standard of living for every child.
The cost of feeding, clothing, housing and educating just one child for a month is around £100 or $150.
When broken down into the individual expenses the cost of sponsorship is:
£30 or $45 for school fees and uniforms
£30 or $45 for food and clothing
£20 or $30 for medical and living expenses
£20 or $30 for housing costs (such as utilities and the housemother and aunty’s wages)

SLC seeks to give every child the highest quality of life possible, but this is only achievable with your help and support.

To become a sponsor please click the button and see which child you would like to sponsor: Meet the Kids



Alternatively, one time donations make a huge difference in the individual projects at the Sandra Lee Centre. Current projects which require funding to finalize are:

  • buying free range chickens for eggs and meat
  • buying laying hens for eggs
  • purchasing female goats to provide milk
  • building rabbit cages
  • purchasing rabbits for food and manure
  • purchasing fruit trees and seeds to help the Centre become more self-sufficient

To give a one-off donation please use the Donate button above, or send a cheque to:
Sandra Lee Centre
PO Box 5513
Kingdom of Swaziland
or if you are in the United States:

Leadership for Africa,
PO Box 230443
Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0443

(Please note, if you are an American citizen you will be able to claim tax credit on your donation report at the end of the year)


The Centre has had a number of visiting volunteers since we opened. Most are students specializing in teaching, social work and nursing who choose to have an overseas component in their studies. The volunteers have added much to the lives of our children, giving them love, added attention and a multicultural growing experience. We are always keen to welcome volunteers, whether their skills be working in the garden, building maintenance, administration, teaching, health-care, childcare and more! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Centre, please get in touch via email. Covid put a stop to our volunteers for a couple years but we were delighted to have Lucy and Mayzie, Leah, Megan and Ashlyn come back to us in 2022! These young ladies have been regulars for many years. And the Raney family with Adventure Soccer also returned to Eswatini and visiting Sandra Lee Centre. They are long time friends and supporters!


Lucy with some buddies!


The Sandra Lee Centre was opened by Mike and Robin Pratt as they were drawn into the fight against HIV/AIDs because of its impact on every aspect of life in Swaziland, finding motivation and strength to do so in the love Jesus Christ has for all humankind. Your prayer is essential as the children of the SLC have to deal with the impact of abandonment, HIV, TB and other illnesses.
Thank you for your support and generosity.