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Roof Tile Production

Tile Making

Tile Makers & Assistants
Roof tile production area at the Community Partnership Center

Tile Mold

A pile of Tile Ingredients

Concrete mixer

Tile Curing Racks

This is the roof tile production area at the Emkhuzweni Center. There are two mold machines in operation, and two full time operators to run them. The tiles are very durable, lasting 20 plus years. They are also inexpensive to produce and offer excellent insulation versus the traditional reed or scrap metal roofs commonly used in the area.
Concrete is poured into the molds, the ladies scrape the excess away, and the concrete is allowed to set for a while before being ejected from the mold. Once ejected the tiles are placed in the sun to dry. Approximately 6 tiles are made each hour per operator.
After the tiles have completely dried they are placed into long vats of water, where they cure for two weeks. This process allows the concrete to set uniformly, so that the strength of the tile is maximized. The cured tiles are then taken out of the water and placed into storage until delivery to customers. There is currently a waiting list for tiles.
Plans call for new molds to be purchased as soon as funds are available. This program is sustained through contributions.