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LFA Story

The Pratt’s and their 4 children arrived in Africa in 1992. Robin is a pediatric nurse and Michael comes from a construction background, having been a general contractor for 10 years in Anchorage.  Since then, they have been involved in rural community development work. Because of its impact on every aspect of life in Africa, they have been drawn into the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Their work in Swaziland is supported by:

  • The Abbott Loop Community Church in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Individuals (approximately 20) who donate anywhere from US $20 to US $250 per month.  One partner helps with $1,000.00 a month.
  • Sales of baskets made by impoverished women in the Emkhuzweni Region that bring in varied amounts throughout the year (usually several hundred dollars at a time).

In 2003, LFA purchased two identical houses on over 1.5 acres of land and established the SANDRA LEE CENTER; a home for orphans and abandoned babies. In 2005, another 2.5 acres of land adjoining this property was purchased for development of more homes.

In February 2005 LFA opened the EMKHUZWENI COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP CENTER in northern Swaziland which has been established as a community-level response to the orphan and poverty crisis caused by HIV/AIDS.


LFA Field Directors

Michael Pratt
Michael Pratt
Robin Pratt
Robin Pratt