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Leadership For Africa (LFA) is a registered non-profit organization in Swaziland, southern Africa, and a 501 (c) (3) in Anchorage, Alaska where it was established in 1994. It is a grassroots effort run by LFA Field Directors, Robin and Michael Pratt. Because of its impact on every aspect of life in Africa, they have been drawn into the fight against HIV/AIDS, finding motivation and strength to do so in the love Jesus Christ has for all humankind.

Leadership For Africa

  • To rescue orphaned and abandoned children from a life of almost certain malnutrition, abuse/exploitation and, illiteracy by creating a safe, healthy environment for them to live.
  • To partner with traditional networks that protect, nurture and provide for orphaned and abandoned children.
  • To develop income generating programs and provide emergency food assistance for widows and impoverished women.
  • To develop a team that will intervene and break the vicious cycle of HIV infection.